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       A 76" Lazy Ace Bipe

The model flies very well on both floats and wheels. From a kit by Chuck Cunningham, it was  originally covered in blue and white Monokote, later recovered in Super Coverite and painted with red and white dope. Powered by a Lazer 150 four stroke with spark ignition.


 78" Sig Cadet

A rounded fuse and radial cowl changes the appearance of this common trainer. Fowler flaps and a Cessna tail were added to further confuse the viewer. Originally covered in Super Coverite with Perfect Paint camouflage, It was later recovered and painted green and yellow. Powered by a Saito 91 on spark ignition. It still flies like a Sig Cadet on both wheels or floats.


     76" Sig Spacewalker 11
Monokote covered, Illuminating wing lights. Powered by a Saito 150, [inverted] and on spark ignition.

 This model flies well on both wheels and floats.
 [after a little mix programming] 


Billy Bishop's Nieuport 17


A 1/6 scale, 54" model of the famous "Bluenose" WW 1 fighter. Built from a Proctor [VK] kit. Very difficult to fly even with a rudder gyro. The model flys on a Saito 50 with onboard glow. Finished in Super Coverite and painted with Perfect paint.


80" Sopwith Pup [1/4 scale]
Scratch built from Mick Reeves plans and flying on a Saito 150 with spark ignition. The model is covered with Sig Coverall and painted with Perfect paint. A little tricky to fly but performs very realistically.

1/4 scale 1930 Fleet Biplane

From a Concept Models kit, this model is powered by a Saito 150 on spark ignition. It is covered with Super Coverite and dope painted. Flys beautifully and is very scale in performance. Shown with the fullsize which lives in Arlington Washington. My plans are to put the Fleet on floats and change the Saito 150 for a 180. The radial engine is a Williams dummy.



62" Ohio Ultimate Bipe

Power is a Saito 300 flat twin with twin carbs and spark ignition. The airplane will do unlimited vertical with only half throttle, the power is awsome. Covered with Super Coverite and dope painted.




Dehavilland DH 82Tiger Moth

A 48" model built scratch from R/C Modeler plans and modified from glow design to take electric power. Weight was kept to a minimum with use of carbon fibre, contest balsa and small parkflyer hardware. The model flew fine on a speed 600 brushed motor but it was later replaced with an Axi brushless motor.....a BIG difference in power and reliability. Next step is to replace the heavy battery pack with lighter Li-Poly pack. A small model but still strictly scale.

oyal Aircraft Factory model SE5a

This is a 50" wingspan model built scratch from Flair plans. It was built with combat in mind.....strong but light with very few frills. I enlarged the ailerons for better maneuverability. The roll-rate is awesome !! Saito 50 for power. Covered with Sig Coverall and dope painted. Graphics are also painted as well. Flight performance is extremely good.....much better than one would expect from a WW1 biplane.


My favorite models......the pair of Chipmunks


My 81"Chipmunk The English version

Modeled at 1/5 scale after the British version with greenhouse canopy and red & white color scheme. Built from an Ohio kit. Powered by a Saito  150 on spark ignition. An exceptionally good kit and an excellent flying model. Covering is Monokote to represent the metal surfaces of the full size and Super Coverite [dope painted] where there was fabric covering on the fullsize.




Another Ohio Chipmunk....the Canadian version

Modeled after the Canadian version, yellow and with bubble sliding canopy. Full flaps, Powered by a Saito 150 on spark ignition. Otherwise the same model as above. This one is all covered with Super Coverite and painted with latex house paint. It is clearcoated with gloss eurothane where there was metal surfaces on the fullsize and with flat eurothane to represent the fabric surfaces. Panel lines are 1/64" strips of Monocoat, ironed on over the paint and clearcoated over. Rib stitching on the fabric surfaces is 1/8" strips of monokote, ironed on with glue droplets for the stitches, painted and cleared over. The finish gives a very good illusion of the metal and fabric surfaces of the fullsize.


Goldberg Tiger 60
     With a modified tail, deck and cowl to disguise it. Saito 80 power. Exceptionally good flyer on both floats and wheels. Originally orange Monocoat covered, it eventually got a re-covering job in Solartex fabric and latex paint as a reward for about ten years of exceptionally good service.


73" Cloud Dancer       With a modified tail, deck and cowl to disguise it. Covered with Super Coverite and painted with latex and clearcoated with Urathane. Panel lines are black art pen. Saito 80 power. Exceptionally good flyer on both floats and wheels.



With Saito 50 four-stroke, covered with ultracote plus....the wing colors were machine cut from ultracote plus and are actually inlaid over the yellow. A dumb little airplane...I don't know why I built it !!


56" Super Sportster
Saito 50, Ultrakote covered, very solid performer, fast and predictable.


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