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Hello !!.....My name is Ray McDougall, I am a member of the Victoria R/C Modelers and the Model Aeronautics Association of Canada. Welcome to my R/C hanger.....Here you will find a collection of photos of some of my models, past, present and future.....


What I like most about modeling is the airplanes! It is not really the flying that I like best..... I just love the machines that do the flying. I love the way they look, the way they move through the air, the elegant curve they fly when they flare for landing, the powerful lift offs, the agility in aerobatics, the sound of the four-stroke engines, the smoke and the smell of the fuel. I donít know of many people that understand this philosophy. Don't most people think that model flying is for those who would like to fly the real thing but are too poor or too scared to do it.....like a substitute for the "real thing"?

People who fly real airplanes donít see any of the things that I do.....they are sitting on a noisy box, not seeing what their aircraft is doing from a good vantage point. They never see how it looks from the ground. When I fly my models, I can see my airplane in flight and control it at the same time. .....and all the while I am outdoors, enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. During the winter I like to go to my hangar (my basement shop) and build new models, fix up the old ones and clean up the engines. I just like to look at and feel these beauties sometimes.....wipe off the dust, give a few turns to the engines and dream of nicer weather.